Notice of Free Rides Deadline Extension
Rides Now Valid to March 5, 2010

Just to give you a bit more time to enjoy the ride, we have extended the deadline of the five free bus rides to March 5, 2010.

We will also extend the deadline to complete the questionnaire and draw date of the great prizes to March 8, 2010.

Dude, was that your mom? Take the GGOB Transit!

You know, riding the bus is easy, safe, environmentally friendly and less work for your parents. You can even save some money while riding the GGOB!

  1. Independence

    Instead of getting your parents to drive you, become more independent and get to where you want to go on the GGOB.

  2. Reduce your carbon footprint

    Riding the GGOB is environmentally friendly making our community healthy. Using GGOB not only helps keep our air cleaner but it helps keep our community healthy. When it comes to our environment, riding public transit makes a big difference. What can you do to go green? You can join us!

  3. Safe and reliable drivers

    Taking a ride on the GGOB is probably safer than hitching a ride with your friend that just got their licence. The transit drivers follow particular standards for driving precious cargo… that being the citizens of North Bay! Our drivers are friendly, courteous and helpful. Remember that there is still a code of conduct when riding the bus and be respectful of the driver and the other passengers.

  4. Bus passes save you money

    You can protect the environment and save more money with Public Transit. Since July, 2006, the Government of Canada has offered The Transit Pass Credit which allows individuals to claim the cost of passes for commuting on buses on their income tax return. This tax credit helps recover the cost of public transit. For more information visit

How to use GGOB?

  1. 1. Find your Bus

    Check out the map. Find out where you are going and follow the route colour. There is probably a bus within a short walk of where you are and where you want to go.

  2. 2. Check the time

    Check the route you need and the scheduled time of it’s arrival/departure from your particular bus stop.

  3. 3. Look for the sign

    All North Bay Transit stops have signs where you catch the bus. Stand by the sign and just wait for your ride.

  4. 4. Climb on GGOB

    As the bus approaches, make sure the bus is the one you want. Don’t hesitate to ask the driver if you are unsure of where the bus is going. All riders must enter by the front doors. Make sure you have your bus pass or exact cash (drivers don’t carry cash) ready to show the driver. If you need a transfer, make sure you ask the driver upon entering the bus.

  5. 5. Making an Exit

    If you know at which stop you wish to exit the bus, press the yellow stop strip or pull the stop cord to signal the driver. Make sure you give the driver enough notice to make a safe stop. Once the bus has come to a full stop, please move to the back door to exit.

  1. Passes

    Passes and Punch Cards can be purchased ahead at the Transit Terminal and City Hall.

  2. Pick a route

    Pick the route that gets closest to your destination.

  3. Stand by the sign

    Stand by the sign and just wait for your ride.

  4. Show your pass or pay

    Show your pass or pay your exact change to the driver.

  5. Press to stop

    Press the button to request your stop.

  6. Move to the back

    Move to the back of the bus to leave.

What is a Transfer?

What is a transfer?

A “transfer” is a free, time-limited pass that lets you continue your journey on a second bus to your final destination. Ask the driver for a “transfer” when you board the first bus.

Bus Fares

Bus passes available at the Transit Terminal (Oak Street) & City Hall (200 McIntyre St. East) North Bay Opening hours: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Adult: over 18 and not a student

Student: Grade 9-12 and full-time post Secondary

Child: 5 years old to Grade 8

Children under five ride free.

Single Cash Fare$2.00$2.00$2.00
Transit Pass (per month)$80.00$65.00$55.00
Term Passes:
Sept. to Dec.$220.00$190.00
Jan. to April$220.00
Jan. to June$330.00$280.00
Multiple Fare Punch Card (10 Rides)$22.00$22.00$22.00

Code of Conduct

Observing the GGOB simple code can make everyone’s trip more pleasant.

  1. Have your bus pass or exact bus fare ready (Please note: Drivers don’t carry cash).

  2. Wear appropriate, non-offensive clothing. Shirts and shoes must be worn on the bus.

  3. Respect other passengers’ privacy.

  4. Do not cause safety problems. Refrain from engaging the driver in unnecessary discussion when bus is in motion, and stay behind the safety line.

  5. You may like your music but others around you may not. Please use headphones and keep the volume at low level.

  6. No smoking or consumption of alcoholic beverages allowed on the buses, at the Terminal and in all Transit Shelters.

  7. Do not harass the driver or other riders.

  8. Do not lie down on the seats.

  9. Be courteous. If you see an elderly person and there are no seats available, offer up your seat.

  10. Aisles must be clear of carry-on bags and parcels.

  11. Skis, ski poles, skates, skateboards and roller blades must be properly encased.

  12. Respect transit property.

The driver has the right to remove anyone from the bus or to refuse entry to the bus at anytime.